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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best Bling Yet

Now....before I continue blogging about our Anniversary Cruise, let me tell you why I hadn't finished doing that already. lol I just finished running my last half marathon for the season and got my best bling yet.


Wanna see it closer?

I love it! And it's damn heavy too. Quite the weapon if needed i'd say. lol Hang it by the door for protection?

We had a wonderful weekend in Detroit running the Detroit International Half Marathon. What a beautiful route.

Seeing the sun rise as we ran across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Canada was absolutely awesome.

Catie got this awesome shot of me giving a high five to the Canadian Border Guard....cause you know the Americans would never!!  hahaha

Then running through the underwater tunnel from Windsor back to Detroit is where this shot was taken - coming out of the tunnel that is!
We weren`t running for time. The route was too nice to not try to take photos along the way. hahaha So, that`s what we did as you can see.

But let me back up for a bit - Catie came over Friday night so that we could head out early in the morning. And that we did!
We found our way to the Cobo Center in Detroit where they were having the Expo and Race Kit pickup. Check out the Bibs to the right. Yup! And guess which one is Furman`s. lol The lady handing us the Bibs had a good laugh as she caught wind of it`s message.
Oh, and I found the perfect charm I`ve been looking for, for my bracelet. Something that says that I`ve been busting my butt....this certainly was what I just had to get.  13.1 Baby!!

After the Expo we found our way to meet up with an awesome friend who helped with our overnight arrangements. As expected, the place was booked with many marathoners I`m sure. But, we got A BED. hahaha And, knew how to make the best of it. We had an awesome laugh and made plenty of jokes after checking in. Gee...guess where Furman slept. lol

Of course, we ended our evening with an awesome Italian meal at a place in Windsor called Franco`s. I`d definitely recommend and said as much on TripAdvisor where I often share my two cents. lol

Race day.....was a bit chilly but we were prepared with dollar store hats and gloves we could throw away when not needed. Clearly everyone else seemed to be prepared also, based on the amount of clothing items we saw tossed on the sides of the route. I`m sure they were collected and donated to those in need. Jumping over clothes didn`t slow us down though, it was the picture taking along the route. haha I was doing great until I just about finished the running through the tunnel. That`s when I started to lose Furman and Catie, as usual. I was soo frustrated that I wanted to cry. I did my best to encourage myself to keep going. At one point I even said SCREW IT! But then I kept running and kept taking photos. It didn't help that I was still kind of sick either. At one point we ran past a spectator sharing a box of kleenex and I spent the rest of the race regretting not grabbing a few. I think my nose was running faster than I was. lol Anyways, I hit the finish line about 10 minutes after Catie and Furman did. I finished..that's what's important. Definitely need to keep training so I don't fall behind and have to finish alone. I absolutely hate that.

Photo taken to give you a good look at our nice race shirts too.
It was a great race though. Perhaps I will do it again someday soon. Now that I have already taken photos, I can run for time. For now, I am done racing for the season. Yup! That's it for me, for us. Now, to think about next year, and you can bet that Catie is already way ahead of me on that. lol  She has already registered for the Nashville RocknRoll Half Marathon. hahaha We might end up pulling a Thelma and Louise if Furman can't make it. But, more to come on that.

I gotta stop blogging here for now. Spend a little time with my husband before he is off to Jamaica once again. I think I already said that I think I got into the wrong line of work. Gheez!! I am soo serious!

While home alone, I will get back to my cruise posts about a most wonderful vacation. I can't leave you high and dry when there is so much to tell and photos to share.

Oh....and before I forget, let me just give a shout out and a big thank you to our wonderful friends in Windsor who made time for us, helped us out and even fed us. Love you guys. It was a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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