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Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Tiger

So, after two days on the driving range with the first time ever being on Saturday, Furman hit the golf course to play a real game this week. Lol. He sure did!  What a go getter!

It was a Globe and Mail sponsored event at Eagles Nest Golf Course.
Lucky for him he was put in a foursome with three other women. Perfect! Women who were just as green as he is from what I understand. Good thing. And if you know Furman you know that he was thrilled with his team. Three women? lol

Now I can't give you any details on how his day at the golf course went because I wasn't there and wouldn't be able to accurately relay what he shared. But from what he shared, it was a fun day which is awesome. I am happy he had the opportunity to get out there. He learned a bit more about the game he's been so interested in of late. Maybe not a lot, but definitely a bit. Maybe now he can teach me. lol So, on his way home from the golf course he stopped at the driving range once again to practice what he just learned. That's my husband! When he jumps in something he jumps all in. Determined! He then hit the best shots he's hit thus far. I know because I was on the phone with him as I drove home from work. His excitement came right through the phone, which was cute since he wasn't in a position to jump up and down like I would have. Haha  So Excited

In between swings, he was telling me about the gifts he received from the tournament: Nike hat and Golf Shirt, Golf Course branded towel. Oh, and my wonderful husband even thought about me. He brought me a gift too. Well, really, it's for us. lol But hey, he thought about me. Love him!

He told me that it was something we could use that we probably wouldn't have bought ourselves. lol For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was. And when I walked in the house I walked right past the box. Sure did! Didn't notice it standing beside the television. lol I mean it's not like it blended in or anything. And, the box was big enough. Then Furman pointed it out to me. At first look my thought was "What the hell is it?" lol You know that Furman set me straight!

A Dyson Tower Fan! 

Had no clue how it worked but it looked pretty cool. And that it was, cool, very cool, when Furman put it together. While he did that, guess what I did? Googled. hahaha I was curious how much this gift was worth.
Boy was I shocked!
Are people on crack? $449.99 for a fan? Oh man!
I know I must sound like a cheap ass but I really can't justify spending that kind of money on a fan. Unless of course I win the lottery or something. But i'm thinking that even then I probably wouldn't do it. I rather use the money to help someone less fortunate.

Ok. So now that you know that i'm a bit frugal. lol

        Let me get back to My Tiger!!!

I'll quit here. It's getting late and i'm actually real tired tonight. Did my usual pole fitness class and then went for a short run. I need to start getting myself back in gear! 
So i'm off to bed after I finish watching: 

I'll close here by sharing a most recent photo taken of us at a fundraising event we went to last weekend. Clarendon College Alumni Association
Me and my sweetheart!!!
My Tiger!!

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