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Thursday, April 24, 2014


I've been going through a terrible time these days.
I can't share details because I need my job, but I can say that a big part of my stress comes from work.
No longer is work the escape from any other personal stress that I may be having. Oh Nooooo. No longer a place you don't mind going because you like the people you work with. Nope....When things are bad where you gotta spend 8 hours of your day....then you really got some problems. Thing is, I'm not alone in dealing with this stress. I wasn't the first, and I wont be the last...but it's definitely my turn.

I feel sorry for Furman sometimes who has to listen to me gripe about the days events. He's been listening to all that's been going on for a year now. There is no end sight. I try not to bring it home with me but sometimes you just get sooooo upset. My Doctor says I need to put on those boxing gloves, in a matter of speaking. Is there another way to beat a XXXX? lol
Serial XXXX - few of my friends need to read this article I thought was interesting.
My Chiropractor is making good money off me because by the end of the day I am soo wound up. Anyone have a pair of gloves they don't need? Because I know my husband would love to spar with me. He is always trying to keep me active and stress free. Didn't I say that by the time my cruise comes around that I would really need it? lol We will really need it.
I'm trying to work out a plan to deal with what I have to deal with that has gotten real serious in my opinion. Pray for me and the others affected. Please.

In the meantime, my cup is running over if you know what I mean.
My mom is not well after years of her being well, so we are back to the drawing board. I really don't understand what happened there. Too many changes in a short period of time i'd guess.

But hey....the Raptors are in the NBA Playoffs!!! And we got Playoff tickets!! There's a story there too, just not for today. lol.

Just love this video - have to share:

Raptors being in the Playoffs is long long overdue. I just hope they make it past the first round. That would be so exciting for the city. I really think they can do it too. Been a long time since I looked forward to watching basketball. The Toronto Maple Leafs choked....but I wont get into that. 

Anyways, I'm in training for my next race: The Ottawa Half Marathon. Let me just say that it's killing me. I have no clue how I finished a 10k and in decent time. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I'll get it done...but boy oh boy...it really hurts to not have the treadmill access I used to have. Trying to get out there and run more now that the weather is much much better. And besides....Running really is cheaper than Therapy. lol  I even got this printed on a running shirt.

Well let me quit here. I just wanted to make sure and update my blog so you know that I am still here. Finally back at my pole fitness class after having an Intercostal Muscle Strain: nothing to sneeze at. Took me several weeks to heal so I had to miss class. Hurt myself from trying to learn all my tricks on the opposite side. Meaning - using the side I'm not strongest and most comfortable with. lol Trying to even myself out and I have no clue what I did but I did something. Like the blog post states, it's definitely nothing to sneeze at. lol

So...I'm out. Furman and I have a routine and my blogging right now is interrupting that. lol I'll just say that I don't like the new Kelly or the new Billy, miss Phyllis and Adam and not sure why Chloe is leaving.

Back soon.
Have an awesome evening.
I'd say that I'm too blessed to be stressed but boy oh boy....that's certainly not the case these days.
Prayers welcomed.


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Thank you so much Skyline. I appreciate you taking the time to read.


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