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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting Prepared

Got an Interview tomorrow!

Say a prayer for me please.

And it's all in good timing too. Friday was my last day working with the customer I've been working with for the last 5 yrs or so. Business needs. Always the excuse you can't fight. lol So, Monday I start training for something new. Good thing is..I don't have to move anywhere in terms of seating. At least not now. I still get to be with my girls, in the location that we hate. But, we used my losing my customer (Since I'm the low man on the totem pole) as a reason to eat. hahaha They had an exit party for me. Love them!! Thanks again girls!!

But, tomorrow...I've got an interview for a position that could take me back to my old office. Where I belong. Where my work life balance can be back on track. Wish me luck. I have a feeling that they already know who they want for the position anyways, but I haven't had an interview in a very long time so I am going for it. At the very least, I get some updated interview experience. I know, I know....such a positive attitude. hahaha

It's a Behavioural Interview I'm sure.
Example: Sample Behavioural Interview Questions   Might hear something similar to these.
And...I'm pretty confident that it will be more than one person. The hiring manager and someone else to take notes. But, we'll see. Either way, I'm nervous. I know I shouldn't be, but I am. Doesn't matter how I try to prepare myself. Which, I've been trying to do. Writing some thoughts down, reading old notes and some helpful material that someone gave me quite a long time ago.
Good thing is that regardless, I still have a job. So, no need to be nervous right? Trust me, I stepped up for Prayer for Needs this morning at church to get some extra prayer so I'm not a complete mess tomorrow. Words that were said in prayer were a reminder that God is in control! So, I know I'll be ok...regardless. Just want to get it over with!

This was too cute not to share.

Did my best to not think about it till today so that I could enjoy my weekend. 
That, we did. 

Saturday, we hung out with some friends and then played Floor Hockey at our church. Floor Hockey! At church! Certainly a new experience for Furman. Whereas myself, I haven't played since I was in grade school. We had soooo much fun. Was quite a workout mannnn!! Definitely can't wait to do that again. Thanks Steve for arranging the night. 
And.....to capture the moment you know I had to get some pics. Here is the best.

Anyways....going to stop here so I can relax a bit and review my stuff again before I turn in for the night. Have to be well rested for tomorrow. I was going to skip breakfast to avoid the possibility of tossing my cookies with nervousness, but Furman said to make sure and eat something early so I'm not distracted by hunger during my noontime interview. Yeahhhhh...he's right!  lol

We'll see what happens tomorrow! 

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