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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beginning of March

It's the beginning of March and it's not starting off too great for me.
It's still too cold outside to start our running....which is becoming a concern because we have an upcoming 10k race in April. Toronto Yonge St 10k  
But, we did manage to get in a bit of ice skating last night. Furman was dying to try out his new skates.

And today, my baby got a boo boo! Yikes!!

  Not happy! Trust me, neither is Furman. If only I had gone straight.

I was going to get gas at Costco where apparently there were a few emergency vehicles on site. The station was still open. My first mistake!! I had no clue what was going on but later found out. Someone died while waiting for gas! Seizure? Heart Attack? Who knows. As I turned toward the station, another emergency vehicle was on its way behind. So, I made a left instead of a right which took me into the parking lot instead of the station entrance. I was trying to get out of the way to allow the fire truck to get through. Well, turns out that there was a tow truck facing the other direction beside me that was parked in a position to make an exit where I came in once the way was clear. But, he decided to back up for some reason. (Not really sure why because he wasn't even in the way) THEN, he backed up into me. He wasn't hearing my horn honking for him to STOP!! 
Furman hopped out the car to go the the guys window and ask him to move his vehicle forward, off my car. The guy told Furman to wait...LOL He clearly didn't realize that he had reversed into my car. Oh boy! I didn't even realize the damage he did until I got out of the car and saw. Yikes!! 

Accidents aren't called accidents for nothing. I can be mad at myself all I want. I can be mad at him. But....it was an Accident. Wishing I chose to make a different turn, or that I had made a different stop wont do me any good. What's done is done. So, now what?

Well, he gave me his business cards. After all, he was driving a tow truck so there is an association to a body shop. Hopefully that's a good thing. He said to contact him and he will take care of the damage he caused. So...we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck that I can get my damage fixed without any drama. Don't make me start blogging about how you did me wrong buddy!!!  lol  Now, let's see how long this takes.
Anyways....I'm off the enjoy the remainder of my Sunday. Have a good meal and catch up on some shows I've been waiting to watch.

For those who want a night out on the town....guess what movie is out? Check it out!! Can't wait to see it.

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