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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Almost Active

It's just about that time to come out of hibernation.
I can't take this cold anymore!! Lol. I don't care if I was born in Canada. Will never get used to winter..and a winter that is always different. Looking forward to getting outside to run. 10k coming up! Half Marathon in May. We gotta start training. Take some of this winter weight off. lol And, there are a few other runs that I'm considering signing up for:  Army Run and Detroit International Half Marathon which is a really cool one that Furman has already done years ago. You actually get to run through the underwater tunnel that separates Windsor and Detroit. So yeah....I gotta get on the ball so I can get signed up - Get Serious!! Almost active again!!

So, when my pole buddy invited us out the other night for some rollerskating, we were all for it. Furman was really ready. Raring to go! This man still has a whole bunch of his stuff left in Miami that we haven't had an opportunity to return and get since he landed. Oh, but he sure had his own personal rollerskates here already. Go figure!

My friend and I rented. lol

We went to Scooters Roller Palace which was much farther than we expected. But we had great fun for a mid week fun night. It obviously wasn't packed. There was a childrens birthday party going on but other than that there were some random skaters. My friend and I took advantage of the opportunity to change between rollerblades and rollerskates too. Best of both worlds. Next time, i'll bring my own rollerblades. There WILL be a next time!

Had to share this trailer for Roll Bounce because I love this rollerskating movie. Watched it way too many times raising a daughter who was in love with Bow Wow. hahaha

It was a great compliment to receive from my friend too that I'm much more fun than some of her friends her own age. lol She is so sweet. Thanks girl!!
When I was younger, the friends (and boyfriends) I had weren't into much so I missed out. Didn't get to travel and do half the stuff that I do now. (Now that I think about it, Furman was the only guy that's actually taken me on a real vacation. lol Go figure! Although he did dump me after we returned from it. Long story...but hey, we weren't ready for each other in those days.) But, it's so true that if you wait on people to do things, you may never get to do them.
I'm blessed now to have Furman who loves to get out and do some of the stuff I like and vice versa.

Of course, we had to capture the moment with a photo.  hahaha

So...until I get out there and run which should be real soon now...i'll keep at my Pole Fitness (that I do twice a week and three if I can squeeze in a Saturday session) and any other random stuff. The Dr says its good for me to keep at it especially since he can't fix me. For the New Year But, we started a new treatment plan to see if he can correct the curve in my neck. Now that i've gotten some relief, I need to continue three times a week with my Chiropractic visits for a little while longer to work on whatever correction that might be possible. Now, I get hooked up to this contraption to see if it will work.


So, I sit in the chair with some strap around my head/neck. It gets connected to the strap to pull from both directions that keeps my head back and neck weighted to pull forward. Something like that but this photo to the right is kind of close. Not sure how long I will continue with the treatment (Chiropractic Gimmickry) but for now I've got nothing to lose by trying it. Besides, my benefits at work cover me for a certain amount and I like my Dr. After all the nonsense i've been going through at work these days, the least they can do is cover my visits for a while. lol

Anyways....I'm gone to finish the rest of my Sunday evening with my honey and back into the crazy place tomorrow. Hoping to have my car repaired this week too, Beginning of March. Wish me luck.

Oh...and thanks to the ladies of my Ladies Prayer Breakfast for lifting me up this week. Absolutely love them.

Hope everyone has a very blessed week.

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