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Thursday, February 13, 2014

On Vacation - Need A Vacation

This is by far the longest stretch I've had between posts, and for my regular readers I sincerely apologize.

Before I say anything more, let me just update you that I was absolutely right!  I am no fool! I didn't get the job I applied for that would take me back to my old office and give me happiness.  Nope. In fact, the person I indicated I felt the job was actually created for is who got the job. This is why I say I was right.  I really believe that all who were interested in the position never even really had a chance. Just sayin! I've already seen how things are done around here.  

So, I stay in training for new duties, new customers. I'm being trained by someone who is not even a trainer (another one of those positions created for someone specific..lol) so it's quite a different experience than I'm used to. And....I watch the crap my old team mates have to put up with by the decisions that are being made.  Not to mention the work coming in that they don't have my help to complete. lol But, decisions we knew were all part of a bigger plan that is being executed...to break our group of 6 up. Voila! Another shoe will be dropping soon. Remember me saying this! Someone else will be forced into the same situation I am.  

Now, I'm on vacation. Another staycation. I'm certainly getting tired of these. lol But this was a much much needed one after dealing with all the bull at the office. Only thing....it's now the WORST VACATION STAYCATION EVER!! You have no idea. I need a do over. I need to rewind and start over so that all that has happened hasn't happened at all.
In reality, it is what it is.

To start my vacation on Monday was supposed to be lunch with my son, then a Dr appointment followed by Bingo with my mom and auntie.  Lunch with my son didn't happen so I was disappointed. So I headed straight to the Dr's office and let me tell you....it was the longest wait I've ever had. Normally, I would have walked out but I really wanted to know how long this was going to take. How long did it take you wonder?  3 friggin hours before the Dr walked into the office.  WTH!  I'm thinking that this guy is not a Dr he is a damn celebrity. But, this isn't a concert. This wasn't even a hospital. This is a regular Dr office and I waited 3 hrs. And I swear I saw at least one patient who didn't wait as long as me be seen before me. I swear! I was pissed and getting grumpy. I had to get to Bingo.  

I personally think that patients should have the right to invoice the Dr for all the time wasted waiting for them. Unreasonable time I mean, After all, what the hell are we making an appointment for? Appointments aren't appointments anymore, they are suggested times to be at the office to start your waiting. Grrrr But I can see that someone previously had the same idea as I am having now.

 Check this out Would your doctor pay for wasted time?

Back to what I was saying....I made plans with mom on Friday to do bingo with her Monday so she knew. But, in typical fashion her money went through her hands like water.  She supposedly didn't even have bus fare to meet me at the bingo hall which is what I told her I would need her to do depending on how long my appt took. I usually pay for her at bingo so her having no money to play is expected. But I was agitated that she didn't even have bus fare because we had a plan that required her to have some.  When I found that out, I was tempted to cancel bingo with her out of principle. Oh, but I was still going to go. I was going to hang out with my auntie. She made food. Lol. She always does. The wait at the Dr's office determined if I had time to pick mom up or not.  After 3 hrs just waiting, clearly I would not be able to.

Well, just before the Dr came into the office I received a phone call that was like a dormant volcano exploding. I needed to get out of there.  I needed to save my loved ones from the Lava. The devil was at it again! We know he never sleeps. I couldn't go to bingo or do anything else that would start my vacation off nicely. Someone shook the etch a sketch.


Vacation for what it is intended to be IS OVER!
I can't say any more than that.  I will take every moment that's left to try and relax, and pray.
I am thankful that I do have the week off and that I have my husband and God to be my rock.
But as always, I will ask for prayer for me and my family. 
Prayers for strength, courage, defeat..over all that tries to bring us down.


Oh....and pray that one day soon I get a REAL VACATION!  Lol. Lord knows, I really really need one now. And I deserve one!

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