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Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's 2014

Well, I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day.

After the week I've had I wasn't much in the mood for doing anything. And, Furman was working late so dinner hour wouldn't have fit in with my current plan to lose weight. (Of which I have successfully lost 5 lbs I might add) So, we skipped the commercial celebration. No problem, every day is Valentine's! lol

But, I did get a gift for the occasion. Something I am excited about and couldn't wait to use once Furman got it together. Check it out!


My new Xpert Pole. It spins too!! Ordered from a distributor of XPole, Dance-Poles Canada, who just happens to be a fellow Spinbuddie. Now why order from the company directly when you can help someone out with some commission? So, once Furman got this baby up I put this little collage together to show off my new practice spot on Facebook. Threw on the shoes for some Sexy because if you remember, our fitness classes are in bare feet. lol Oh...and I will promise you...no YouTube videos of pole accidents with me!! Nope. Not gonna happen. Furman made sure of that. But, I will share this hilarious one.

So, this weekend we managed to enjoy the NBA All Star Weekend with my son which was really nice. But....

Sunday couldn't come soon enough! I've been praying daily but I know there is strength in numbers and there is nothing like having people pray with you for something you need. I had already sent an email within the week to the ladies in my prayer breakfast group for prayer because they are serious Prayer Warriors. God answers prayers and when they prayed for me a while back it did wonders. You have no idea! This is why I felt confident in asking for their prayer again. I didn't have to give details of the situation. Just had to let them know their prayers were needed and they jumped into action. Feeling blessed and highly favoured.

The message on Sunday was definitely a message for me. Especially in our discipleship class. I couldn't help but shed a few tears as a message was delivered about dealing with trials and tribulations. Amazing how that works. God is always on time. Funny thing is, a friend in church slipped me a note of encouragement that also instructed me to read the same passage.

Now, I sit here and reflect on the week I've had while I make a nice dinner and get lunches ready for the week. Back to work tomorrow. Not very happy about that but then again, it's getting back to normal which I could definitely use for a while. Being around friends/co-workers as well as those who drive me completely mad sometimes. lol Keeping busy keeps the mind occupied and is supposed to reduce stress, even in the environment I work in right now. Back to training, since we know I definitely wont be going anywhere else for a while. lol "Under no circumstances......" (inside joke)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Family Day. Normally I'd be at work but I took it off to spend the day with my wonderful husband since his job was so generous. lol

On that note....I'll get back to it.

But first......


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