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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Broken Glass

Yeah.....this classic came to mind so I thought i'd share. lol  Enjoy!

Does anyone know how to dispose of crazy large glass? lol

I think we've gotten the solution already, but I thought I would put it out there anyways...just to tell you the story that probably makes me look like a real douche. lol It's ok though. 

I have had this really nice cast iron dining set with glass top for years. At least I thought it was really nice. lol

Well, not too long after getting a Crock Pot for the first time, I decided that I would whip up something nice for dinner. Problem is, I was so excited about what I was doing that I really wasn't thinking.....AT ALL! I mean seriously!!
Anyways....I put all my ingredients in the Crock Pot, turned that sucker on...and went back to the television to watch my show. Whatever it was at the time. lol I know this was quite a while ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Except for what I was watching. lol But I heard what sounded like a CRACK!!   WTH? Let me just tell you....I hopped off the couch so fast to run into the kitchen and find out what the noise was. And then it hit me....my STUPIDITY....I had left the darn Crock Pot on the glass table top of this cast iron dinner table set. 

Not actually mine!
Why oh why? Don't ask what was I thinking because I clearly wasn't!! Yes people....I am not perfect and can be stupid at times. lol This, was one of them times and I really don't mind sharing about my imperfections. hahaha  Especially if someone can learn from my mistakes. Trust me, at the time, it was not the least bit funny. Now, I can laugh about it. 
Although the photo above is not of my actual glass top crack...it depicts what mine looks like almost to the "T". It was absolutely horrible. I swear I was devastated for a while. Sooo mad at myself!

So, I eventually set out on a mission to see if I can get a new glass top. Looked up a local glass place to find out what my stupidity will cost me. Verdict....about $200!  Not too bad I guess. Have no clue what I expected. Yeah....well I decided against that one. Wasn't trying to be a cheap ass or anything. Just figured that if I was going to dish out $200 that I might as well contribute that towards a new dining set. After all, I really wasn't overly attached to the set I had. It's nice, but not that nice!  haha  So, I taped up the corners of the glass so that I wouldn't get cut and safely stored the piece that broke off. Yes....I continued using the table as best I could. lol 

Now....It's moment of truth. Time to rid of the table and the dilemma becomes how to get rid of this large broken glass. Like seriously! It's a table top, so you know the glass is thick and heavy. lol

After finding a possible home for the set without the glass, I decided to call the local glass shop for some direction on disposal. I didn't think we could just put it at the curb. That wouldn't be safe. The local glass shop directed me to call our Municipal Office for direction. See... I knew they could direct me. :). That's who I called next and answers I got.  Finally!!

What's the plan?
Well... It turns out that there is a place called a Transfer Station that we can take it to. But that's not going to work because it definitely won't fit in a car.  The next option is to break it up and box it with clear labels for regular garbage pickup  My thoughts? Yeah, right. This glass is thick. Yet... Sharing the information with my husband... He says we can accomplish the demolition. Lol This might actually be fun. Haha

That is the plan!
Oh boy..... Give me a hammer!! Haha This could be therapeutic!!

Here is an interesting read. Broken glass means good luck

What are your thoughts? If any?

Have a great week everyone!  Wish us luck on the breaking glass. lol

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