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Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Week of Head Aches

Well, I made it through my first week at the new office and starting my second. And let me just say that I'm not enjoying it one bit. From the commute to the office itself, to being around people who really couldn't give a darn if we were there or not. I mean really? Cohesiveness and Collaboration we were told were the reasons for this forced move. Yet, my colleague celebrated her 30yr Office Anniversary on Friday and if it wasn't for her good friends bringing in snacks and cake to celebrate the occasion....the day would have just passed with nothing. It's bad though. She offered the manager some of her cake and reminded her of what she was celebrating (since clearly the manager didn't know for some reason). It broke my heart to hear that the manager didn't even wish her a Happy Anniversary when she declined her piece of cake. Smh. Just walked off. Smh Wow....was all I could say.

Making myself at home at the dorm
But...I'm back for another week of Hell. Happy to have a job but hating every minute of it at the new location.
I got here in 30 minutes this morning. Why? I slept at the College with my daughter last night. We had a Girls Night! It was nice too. She made dinner for me and I was quite shocked to see that she even packed some leftovers for me to bring to work.

Furman...well he got to drive in the first snow of the season....to the airport. Yup. I shared this with him for assistance. lol  How to drive in the snow. It was cute watching him keep checking on the conditions outside. Wonder if he was getting nervous? I was getting nervous for him. But...he made it to the airport safely. Thank God.
  This was his post on Facebook. What it looked like at 2am when he left and what he got to see at 12pm over the Caribbean. I'm clearly in the wrong line of work. I keep saying that! Smh.

So here I am....will have to go back to wearing my colleagues sun visor because the manager still hasn't taken care of having the lights above me turned off to prevent my migraines. Nope. Not a big concern because it's not her head that's throbbing. Ugh!! I know...I know...I look ridiculous with the visor on too. Someone said I look like a poker dealer. lol But, hopefully not for much longer. I've been more than patient so it's time to get some assistance for my cause. Health and Safety.

The end of the day can't come soon enough. If our day is any indication how the week will be then we are off to another awesome one. lol  Had our first team meeting that the manager couldn't attend but the opportunity wasn't taken by the other team manager to acknowledge that there were 5 new people in the room. Sucks! Wait a minute....maybe they didn't even see us? lol Talk about feeling welcome!! Like I said, we are around people that couldn't give a darn if we were here or not. lol SEND US BACK!!

Can't wait to head home to a quiet house, at least till my husband gets back. Not that it's noisy when he's home. lol You know what I mean. It'll be just me. Oh....and I still have no TV service after the power outage.

Too funny a photo not to share.
Oh yes....let me tell you this before I sign off. I made an appointment on Monday evening for a technician to come out and fix my service. Problem is, I gotta work every day so the only time that fits my schedule was Saturday. I had to wait a whole week. I spoke to the office about 3 times before the tech came out though, for different reasons. On each occasion I made sure to tell the person to ensure the technician has replacement equipment in case that was the actual problem. Why? Because they usually tell you that you have to wait 3-5 days for them to send you replacement equipment when needed. I didn't want them to come out and then still have to wait 3-5 days for equipment afterwards. Oh....but guess what happened? Just guess!!!! First, I couldn't have a morning appointment because it wasn't available so I was hostage at home till the afternoon waiting for the tech. Then, when he comes, he does his thing inside and outside of the house only to tell me that I need new equipment. Like no kidding! I'm no tech but I kinda figured that would be the issue which is why I tried to insist on them coming prepared. But, as you guessed it.....he didn't bring my replacement equipment with him. Nope. Who cares that I spoke to 3 different people before my appointment to make sure they noted for him to have it on hand. Now, I have to wait 3-5 days for them to send me new equipment. That leaves me with no tv service for another week. Thank goodness I still got internet service.

Well....hope everyone has a Blessed week.
I gotta go!
Looking forward to Friday!!!

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