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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time Out

That's what we were on.
A well deserved one at that. 
We didn't travel anywhere for a variety of reasons.
We had a Staycation.  It's been a while since I had one of those. Wasn't my first choice but....
We got a bit done as we prepare for a big upcoming change in our household.
I did some Spring  Fall Cleaning.
Found lots of stuff to donate.
And, saw that I really own more books than I thought I did. lol
  Looks like I got a lot of upcoming reading to do. After all, I can't get rid of a book that I haven't even read yet!!  Can I?  Naw....I would always wonder if it was a good book or not.  I'll hold onto them and get some reading done. No more working on my breaks and lunches. I'll read! Companies don't appreciate when you give them more of your time than they deserve. lol  I seriously need to stop doing that.

At the end of the week we also celebrated our Second Year Anniversary!  Woo Hoo!
Happy Anniversary to My Best Friend!!!
We went to a new Brazilian Steakhouse in town that was just ok. Touro Churrascaria They were a bit shortstaffed so service was slow. But because we've been to others we had something to compare it to and it really didn't compare. That's ok. Because we plan to go to another one with some friends from work real soon. Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse.

If you remember though, my birthday is the day after our wedding anniversary. Now that....was totally awesome.(Not to discount our wedding anniversary in any way. lol) I went to Ste Anne's Spa. They are rated the #1 Spa in Canada and their reputation is definitely well deserved. Going to the Spa is something that I've always wanted to do. Not just any Spa though. I've always wanted to go to Ste Anne's. So, when I was looking at Spa's and someone suggested I try out the Scandinave Spa, I had to pass. I knew that I'd always be curious about Ste Anne's, so that is what I set my sights on.  All by myself! Furman had to work and I didn't mind. I was going to treat myself since I didn't get to relax on the beach for the week. lol

But, in an awesome turn of events, my awesome running buddy Catie decided that she would also join me. Love her!!
We met at the Spa for 8am and had a full day of pampering.
Yoga Class.
Stretch Class.
Athletic Sports Massage (Much needed after We Did It Again!)
High Tea
In between all that, we found time for the hot tub, plunge bath (damn cold) and Eucalyptus Steam Room.  Sure was lovely!
The lunch was much better than I had expected. Then again, I really had no idea what to expect.

I took a picture of this sign in the locker room because when I saw it I thought of my husband and our conversations about how nice Canadians are. hahahaha

Yeah....this is just a little too nice if you ask me. lol

Dear Catie - . For sharing my special day with me and making it more fun than I could have done all by my lonesome. lol  Now don't forget to submit that RMT receipt. I wont!

Anyways...after having a week off you can expect that there is a ton of work left for me to go through. So, I need to sign off for now and get to it. Hopefully the day flies by....we have a basketball game to get to tonight.

Have an awesome week everybody.
In my Arnold voice......I'll be back!!

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