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Friday, January 18, 2013

Keeping Us Waiting

Well...I checked the mail every day this week and got NOTHING! ZIPPO! NADA!
Not happy. Lol
Come on Immigration...what's up with that?
Sooo...our waiting continues into next week. It's coming. Next week for sure. I can feel it. Lol. Even if I said that last week. I can still feel it. Lol It's coming!
Good things come to those who wait. Our patience has definitely been tested.

In other news...My friend tlynn406 from the forum received her PPR today. So happy for her. This process is just crazy. Well, the waiting is actually. It's been great to be able to support each other going through the same process. Strangers or not...we've got a few things in common....the process, and that she is from Florida just like my hubby.

Anyways, so happy it's the weekend after the day I had. Work, work and more work. Lol Being short staffed will do that to you. Now, it's chill out time with the hubby. Plan, was to make it a snack night instead of having dinner because we are doing Mandarin tomorrow with some good friends. Seeing Monster Trucks didn't quite work out. Calories tomorrow will be ridiculous...know what I mean? Yup....skipping dinner tonight. Will make up for it tomorrow.

To begin our night, we decided to make some dip to go with some tortilla chips. So, we grabbed our ingredients from the fridge to get the dip going. (We were going to make a dip just like what we ate on Christmas Eve at my sisters home, and what I've often gotten at work.) Here starts our debate. Lmao. I insisted it was cream cheese, salsa and grated cheddar cheese. After all, I've eaten it several times before. But nooooo, Furman was insisting that the dip we finished off from Christmas Eve was actually sour cream and not cream cheese. Now, we had to find out who was right. Haha Only way to do that was to get in contact with my sister and/or her hubby to confirm the ingredients in the dip that inspired our evening snack. Lol After a few text messages we were still at an impasse. Furman was googling and that didn't help either. Oh my....what do we do? Well...before even finding out that we wouldn't have confirmation of the ingredients in the dip we were disputing, we already came to a compromise. We made our dip using the cream cheese, then the sour cream, then the salsa topped with grated cheddar cheese. After all, it's all going to the same place. Who knows...maybe we hit the nail on the head with how we made it. Either way, tonight's snack was nice. Had to stop ourselves from getting carried away, (I could have eaten the whole thing) especially since we used cream cheese that Furman didn't think was part of what we ate before. Lol Shhhh...I think I was right. I could have bet on it.

Yeah.....I'll be on the bike first thing in the morning...working it out.
Looking forward to Mandarin with an awesome family (kids just love Uncle Furman),
and then The Hobbit.

Sunday....oh boy.....it's all about Football.

It's gonna be LOUD up in here....i'm sure. lmao

Have a great weekend everyone.

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