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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sponsorship APPROVED - Immigration Step 1 Completed 97 Days

Told ya I'd fall off my damn chair!!  lmao


Actually, when I got the news that Sponsorship was Approved I had already gotten in the car and was getting ready to head home. Was just checking email quickly on my iPhone.  Man....you can't imagine how excited I was to get home and tell Furman.  I sent him the email before hitting the highway and even tried calling home but got no answer.

This...is more of my reaction!  I wanted to scream!

However, because my hubby had enjoyed a nice lunch with my daughter earlier....I couldn't really share my excitement with him because he caught the ITIS and was sleeping off his large meal. lol They went to the Mandarin Restaurant for lunch buffet - WITHOUT ME!  lol My daughter lucked out because she didn't have school today. It's all good. I'm just happy they had that (step)dad/daughter time together.  So, i'm home from work and  my house is sooo quiet. I haven't turned on the tv or anything yet.  Only thing I hear is the clock on the wall ticking and the keys from the computer as I type this blog entry.  After all, I gotta share my excitement.  Thank goodness I was able to share my excitement with my friend who just recently got his Permanent Residency Approval that I spoke of in an earlier blog There Is Hope.  There sure is.

Music to my ears:
You have met the requirements for eligibility as a sponsor. Accordingly, the Application for Permanent Residence for your relative(s) has been forwarded to a visa office abroad for further processing. 

So, here is where I am a bit confused and/or concerned.  The letter indicates that now that my sponsorship has been approved, his application is being forwarded to the Visa Office in Los Angeles based on his home address.  WTH?  Los Angeles?  Are you serious? Like, I can't understand why his address in Miami would have them send his stuff clear across the country instead of a Visa Office in between us like Buffalo, New York City or Detroit.  My friend's application went to Detroit and he is from New Jersey, which makes a bit more sense although New York City is closer.  Does it make any difference? I don't know. Will it affect our processing time? I don't know. I'm hoping it doesn't although it concerns me that Los Angeles may have a crap load of Immigrant Applications to go through, delaying my 6 month completion deadline that I would like. lol  Ok Ok...I'll stop worrying and leave this part to God too. After all, he has been doing wonderfully so far. Prayers have been answered. I got the email I wanted before having to report to Immigration in Niagara Falls this coming weekend after our Run-In with Immigration.  Like one of my favorite gospel singers sings, Fred Hammond "All things are working for me, even things I can't see".

Now I try to decide, do I call the office tomorrow and ask them about the Los Angeles decision or just leave well enough alone and be happy that we have completed Step 1 of the Immigration process? Hmmm?  Furman thinks that maybe Sonya did something to help us and that maybe going to Los Angeles is a benefit. Maybe they have less to process out west than there is out east.  Makes sense. Furman is always the voice of reason.  Gotta love him.  I'll call and ask anyways but I'm just happy that it's going to a Visa Office now.  I got the email that I wanted.  Actually, I got better than what I wanted because what I was expecting was an email to let me know that our file was In Progress with our file#.  Instead, I got an email that said I was APPROVED.  Well like my grandma used to say when she was alive "Hott Damn". lol

Immigration Step 1 complete - it took 97 days! (According to my blog counter)
Now....for Step 2. No 11 months....No 11 months!!  Let's get this done!! So....I need everyone's continued prayers...this ain't over yet!! Like the saying goes "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."  lol But, with Step 1 complete I can still do my James Brown dance.
                                                               I FEEL GOOD!!
We are ready to run for the border this weekend (not literally) so I can get an awesome Mother's Day gift!  Immigration let's him stay with no drama!  Yup...that's what I want.  Stay tuned to find out if I get it.
In the meantime, I still have to get ready for my Starbucks Run for Women 10k this Saturday.  Gotta put off running for a few days and stick to the bike instead because I've been getting a bit of pain in the arch of my left foot. I forget what Furman called it when he googled it this morning. Feels ok right now, but I can't take any chances. It'll be the bike tomorrow morning, with my Ab workout of course. This morning I was up at 5:15am doing my 15 minute Ab DVD (Abs of Steel) before I went and ran a 5k in my neighborhood. I figure that since it's getting warmer outside that it's best for me to take advantage of the weather and run the streets instead of the treadmill at work.  I didn't bother Furman to run with me today though. I wanted to let him recuperate from his run of 26.2 miles in the Toronto Marathon yesterday. lol  I hit the streets myself.    
Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon 5/6/12

Well, that's all for now.  Again, thanks for the prayers....and keep praying!  It's not over quite yet.

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  1. Everything will be fine! =) In Australia they ALWAYS grant spouse visas, Canada should be the same! Just a matter of time


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